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I am Rosa, a Montreal based designer and a storyteller at heart who loves writing about home decor, how to design tips and the various design/decor projects I have constantly in the works! 


Each of us are creative in our own way! Through my work, each blog post I write, each workshop I offer and each home I design, I aim to empower interior design aficionados and hobbyists with the goal of inspiring you to craft a beautiful home without breaking the bank! 


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A bit more about me to thank you for having read this far: 


I have always loved interior decorating and design.


I also have a passion for making things, cooking, traveling and reading. I love road trips especially if they bring me to find vintage treasures, roaming store to store with a coffee in my hand! More specifically .... espresso! 


I did a barista training a couple of years back, and now use these skills daily to craft various espresso based drinks with my home barista set-up!


I am currently learning the most I can about Interior Design thanks to the New York Institute of Art + Design (NYIAD).


I hold a degree in Nursing that over the years has served as a steppingstone towards a rich and varied career path. 


A bit of history:


Living à la Smart - our story behind the initial name for the blog : I live in Montreal with my husband, Mr. S who at times takes his place behind the camera and shares his pics. Together we love exploring our city and seeing how far we can go in our 100% electric car, the Smart for two. Living à la Smart started off as a website documenting our adventures with driving a Smart electric car, and tips on living smart and creatively in a small space. It has grown so much since its beginning but one thing has stayed the same and continues to drive it forward; I love writing, I write about what I love and I love working and doing things with my greatest supporter ever...my travel companion, my coworker, my sidekick ... Mr. S!


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