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Kitchen Renovation; Before and After

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

A recent renovation, albeit, an unexpected one has turned into an enriching collaboration as well as another lesson in design. Why unexpected? Well first off I think any renovation project should always be well planned and thoroughly thought out. This one was and the final decision was a great big NO, there would be no renovation! Thus explaining the unexpected part of the story.... who was it that said it.... never say never.... well they were right!

It all started with a decision to paint and that was supposedly it. The project in question was for an apartment, recently listed for rent and desperately in need of a little freshening up. Paint is a great solution towards helping make an outdated apartment look inviting, crisp and clean. But it quickly became apparent that something more needed to be done with the kitchen. Just covering its vintage wooden box cupboards and doors in paint would not be enough. The ceramic needed to be changed, and the counter as well. Several options were explored; do we refurbish the vintage wooden cupboards by painting them and then only replace the wooden doors along with the ceramic and the counter tops? This option would have worked had its cost been justifiable but sadly it wasn't... it cost almost the equivalent of installing a new kitchen. Granted its new counterpart would not be made of wood, but it still made more sense replacing everything. Such vintage kitchens need to practically be painted every time a new tenant leaves whereas the newer ones call for a simple cleaning and maybe replacing damaged cabinet doors if ever it were necessary. The decision was thus evident and together we got to work; my husband Mr.S, mamma S (his mommy 🙂), and I. Mamma S took care of working with the contractors and ensuring that the vintage kitchen was stripped, old ceramic removed and any plumbing issues taken care of in preparation for the installation of a new kitchen. Mr. S and I went about taking measurements, researching different cabinetry providers and meeting with different kitchen designers until we finally found one we were willing to trust. In my next post I will write about how we went about designing the final look to the kitchen and ensuring that mamma S was a part of the project every step of the way! I wrote in my first post, that what I treasured most about my design course was learning to discover and cultivate my design eye and, most importantly, learning to have confidence in myself when I make design decisions. Confidence rarely stands alone for when we collaborate with others we share ideas, learn more quickly and grow as individuals both in mind and taste. Collaboration is key and that in itself is a priceless lesson in design.

Till then I end this post with a photo of the vintage kitchen that has now been replaced:


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