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A cooking lesson: a recipe's key ingredient!?

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

For this post I am steering away from writing about design projects, and focusing on another way to beautify our day to day. Still very much a do-it-yourself project, with the same expected outcome ... however in this instance the method is more of an edible one ... cooking ... food! An important and age-old form of art, the one of sharing and feeding.

Yesterday was a great day. Not busier than any other day but, for some reason, I found myself feeling more exhausted than usual by 5pm. With still a few errands to run I pushed myself onwards and picked up the last bit of things I needed. I had planned to make something both special and comforting for supper, but quite honestly by 5 I felt so exhausted that leftovers were sounding more and more appetizing. Then, as I walked through my front door and slowly put away my groceries something unexpected happened .... I felt a burst of motivation to do my recipe just as I had planned and despite the fact that I was still tired. What had changed? Well, a few things. First, it was the realization that whether I was reheating leftovers or standing at my counter chopping and stirring, in the end one activity did not require that much more energy compared to the other. I had after all chosen a simple and familiar recipe. Secondly, I knew that the outcome would be un vraie délice and would bring great joy to both my husband and myself. This second piece was the deciding factor and so I went about making my recipe and was surprised to note that by the time we sat down for supper I did not feel more wiped out than when I had began. Rather, I felt rejuvenated, proud at my accomplishment and most importantly happy! Yesterday I was reminded that the key ingredient to any recipe as well as the key to succeeding at cooking is quite simply love! Cheesy, I know, but nonetheless true! For my husband who commented on this post as I wrote it, his reply was love and pasta! Being cooked for, for me, = being cared for! Preparing a meal for someone, or even if it be just for ourselves, is a powerful gesture that says I care and love you enough to make the time to do this. The happiness we feel in return is indescribable and rejuvenating. You need to try it to feel it!

This post does not include a recipe because the one I made is from Nigella Lawson and from one of her earlier books, Nigella Bites. It can be easily found on her website in the section reserved for this particular book and under the title meatballs. My only modifications in the ingredients were adding cream to the tomato sauce instead of milk, using maple syrup instead of sugar for the sauce, adding a bit extra garlic to the meatballs, and using a mixture of minced beef, veal and pork for the meatballs. Why three different types of meat when making meatballs? That is one of the secrets I was taught to follow by my mother when it came to making meatballs and not just any meatballs, but ones that tasted like home and Sunday morning kitchen aromas in her and my grandmother's kitchen. This post is not sponsored or promotional, I have just been wanting to try this recipe for a while because I do enjoy reading Nigella Lawson's cookery books and trying her recipes. I have included some pictures of the steps to creating the recipe, as well as the final plated dish; Busiate with Tomato and meatballs.

Busiate with Tomato and Meatballs


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