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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

My course from the New York Institute of Art and Design is progressing well and getting more and more interesting as I advance through each lesson. I may have written this before, can't recall, but when I decided to take the course I really didn't know where it would lead. And I acknowledged early on that even if it only managed to instill in me knowledge in the field of interior decorating and design, the investment was still well worth it!

My life, since starting this course has done a complete 180. Not by choice, but then when is it ever! Life is a journey and sometimes that journey turns into a roller coaster with unexpected dips, twists and climbs. We can either throw our hands up in the air and embrace the adventure or shut our eyes, hands desperately grasping anything we can reach as we count the seconds till it all ends. I chose and continue to choose the former! Concretely that means that I rolled up my sleeves and focused on what opportunities were ahead. When I didn't see any, I worked towards creating them, and continue to do so.

I have discovered the field of fab labs/digital fabrication, and quite honestly I feel that the word fab should also stand for fabulous! It's simply amazing and the possibilities are endless for any field of practice something I find quite refreshing! Why? Because my background is not in computers but rather in health and yet I still can see a place for myself in this industry. I worked several years as a nurse and always saw my chosen path as a steppingstone towards other goals, thus explaining my unconventional career path. I have worked in the field of psychiatry; occupational health, safety and wellness; human resources development and management. My education paired with my rich professional background has fuelled my passion for learning, creating, teaching and developing new and innovative projects - values that I feel fit right in with the field of digital fabrication! So why am I talking about this? Well... seeing as now I am acquiring a new range of skills within the field of interior design and decorating I have decided to bring it all together. How? By challenging myself to my very own défi. My défi fab lab fab design.

We purchased our condo more than four years ago now, I believe, and its decor is still not complete. Four years is a bit long, I agree, but in my defence time just flew and furthermore with what I know now I'm glad I didn't decorate it sooner! My course from NYIAD is not only helping me acquire a huge amount of knowledge but I find myself continuously inspired and pushed onwards by a burning desire to experiment and put into practice what I learn. Even more so now that I am exploring the field of digital fabrication. Therefore, my défi fab lab fab design is simple; as I focus on finalizing the decor of our apartment I plan to include accessories that my husband and I personally create in a digital fabrication laboratory. I will document it all here, from our decorating decisions to the different projects and accessories we create along the way. There are Fab Labs all around the world; if you wish to participate or just have questions, send me a DM via instagram and I would be happy to respond.

Thanks for reading till the end!


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