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Laser Cutter Projects + A Fab Lab Fab Design Challenge

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

In my last post I introduced my défi fab lab fab design. A simple project aimed at getting our creative juices flowing as we focus on finalizing the decor of our apartment. In summary the challenge involves creating accessories in a digital fabrication laboratory. Accessories that aim to beautify our home the best way possible, via personal creative touches!

Today's post is our first one in my défi fab lab fab design. In my last post I explained that we planned to include accessories that both my husband and I personally create in a digital fabrication laboratory. Since writing that post I have made new discoveries and decided to expand the challenge to also include items created by others as well. Today's design showcases an original and creative way of accessorizing technology and is made by leather craftsmen and friends of ours - the owners of Café Cuir Laine! Upon discovering this item, I immediately fell in love with it! Power cords, earphones, mobile and tablet charging cords are something we cannot live without in our day and age, however, seeing their tangled cords sprawled over the floor or on a table is not very attractive. These accessories solve that problem beautifully (literally) and I knew it the moment I saw them! The creators and designers behind this product are currently using digital fabrication to take their products to new heights. These accessories were created in a fab lab; cut using a Trotec laser cutter. I designed my own monogram which was then engraved with the Trotec laser cutter as well.

I love the final result!! But what I love most is that now I am not in such a rush to hide away my devices while they charge. Their respective cords are sprawled beautifully around my home making them a part of my decor and still organized!


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