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How to Laser Cut & Engrave for making a leather bag!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

When I began this project, and I am going to be really honest here, it felt like a colossal task! I was, however, determined to do it and not just because I end up with a gorgeous one of a kind bespoke leather bag (obvious reason) but mostly because I knew that it would teach me so much on the process of designing and using the tools within a fab lab to create almost anything!

Being the first workshop of its kind offered at Fab Lab AST, participants were given the privilege of designing the model of bag we wanted. My inspiration for the design came from a Burberry Leather Tote for men that I discovered on Pinterest. The simple modern look really spoke to me and helped me define the style I was drawn to, the details I wanted my leather bag to include and what I considered important to me. If you compare my finished bag with the initial modern model that inspired me, you will see that they are nothing alike. That is the first rule of thumb when designing; find what inspires you, understand why it inspires you and then create something unique!

In my first post about my bespoke leather bag project I detailed what steps went into designing the bag and preparing it to be laser cut. It has taken me longer than the actual 4 week duration of the workshop I attended at Fab Lab AST, but looking at my final product it should come as no surprise. Creating anything from scratch takes time, but let me just say that creating a leather bag from scratch takes a lot longer than you can ever imagine! This is the ultimate DIY project ! This project highlighted the beautiful collaboration that exists between craftsmen and the world of digital fabrication and I really don't believe I ever could have done this on my own in the amount of time I had. While I used modern tools to design and print each piece, the expertise of a leather craftsman, especially the one we worked with, is essential to applying the finishing touches required and in such a short span of time. He taught us skills that simply cannot be replaced; sanding, smoothing, waxing the edges; learning the stitching - these are just a few examples of what makes up the life of a leather craftsman and what goes into creating the bag of your dreams!

Designing and creating my very own leather bag, checking that right off my bucket list as I write this post. The picture you have been waiting for, if you haven't already scrolled right to the bottom of this post....⤵️

The next two photos show the beautiful interior lining added as a finishing touch, as well as the section I laser engraved with my custom monogram and a quote that inspires me daily!

I would love to know what you think of my bespoke leather bag - made in a Fab Lab!


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