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Give each room a voice and take the time to listen!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Today's post has been a long overdue one! Back in November, I wrote a post detailing the lessons we learned while collaborating on a kitchen remodel. Today I present to you the final reveal of the newly renovated kitchen! This renovation was for a rental property which explains the lack of appliances and the empty uninhabited feel to the place. If you would like to have a better idea of what the kitchen looked like before, click here.

Designing the final look of the kitchen was not an easy task. When renovating a rental, especially when installing a new kitchen, many factors need to be considered: such as choosing the right cabinetry and countertop material that balances both design trends with durability with affordability and choosing a colour scheme that is not only contemporary but will last for years to come. I know that we don't see many two coloured kitchen designs but in the space we were working with we felt it was a great option. In the photo you can only see one side of the room but this kitchen is a generous one and is part of a large 3 bedroom apartment. The kitchen opens onto a dining area as well. A large patio door off the dining area and a small window above the sink (as you can see in the photos) lets light flood into the room, making it seem even larger.

Choosing white paint for the walls was a good practical idea. It makes the room feel even larger and brighter. White can be stark in mood, but the white chosen here is a warm white with pink undertones. Mamma S chose the colour. She wanted to ensure it matched with the ceramic floor tiles, a fixture in the room that was not being replaced. When it came time to make our selection for the kitchen, the vision we proposed to Mamma S was simple:

See the walls and flooring as a blank canvas whose

purpose it is to showcase art and then

disappear into the background.

When people walk into the room we want them to notice

the actual focal point of a kitchen;

- the cabinetry, countertop and backsplash -

Give the room a contemporary and classical look that would highlight its cozy, inviting and timeless mood!

With our vision approved we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! Our initial design plan involved decreasing the number of top cabinets. This would have created a more visually interesting space, and the money saved would have permitted us possibly to select a higher-end cabinetry material. Mamma S, however, was adamant that the space retain its vintage layout and that as many cabinets as possible be included in the design. That plan thrown out the window, we created and went with a plan B! Based on our research we proposed a two colour cabinetry design. It is important to highlight that the material of the cabinetry also limited our selection of colours and the only two options that stood out for us were either white or grey. Seeing as we were aiming for a contemporary and timeless look, we wanted to steer away from anything brown or beige. Selecting an all white kitchen, even if the cabinet colours below are of a soft white, we felt was not an option due to the size of the space. It would have given the room a stark and unwelcoming feel. An all grey kitchen was also out of the picture, it would seem unimaginative and somewhat dull. Mixing the two was therefore the best option and when paired with a countertop that imitated the look of concrete, the finished design is now both harmonious and warm! Concrete is an industrial material that, believe it or not, adds warmth to a room when paired accordingly. Mamma S agreed!

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Our last step was selecting the backsplash. We looked at loads of colours, textures and sizes - it was not an easy decision....and then...Mr. S spots a set of tiny black subway tiles! We both instantly loved them but our first thought was, would Mamma S agree...it was after all a pretty bold design addition! We brought various ceramic samples back to the apartment with us and asked Mamma S to decide which one she preferred. To our pleasant surprise, she delegated the task to us and so without hesitation the black ceramic tiles were selected, purchased, installed and voilà!!

I spoke earlier about the cabinetry, countertops and backsplash being the focal point to this design but, in all honesty, I would say that the black ceramic tiles are the real show stopper! They draw your eye towards the space gently as they tie together all the elements harmoniously! When we walk into the kitchen, the ceramic flooring and walls no longer give off their pink undertones but rather, their creaminess shines through creating a soft backdrop to the aspects of the room that really count - the kitchen - the heart of a home where memories are just waiting to happen!

Today's lesson in design; give each room a voice and take the time to listen !

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