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How To Design your next Craft Room & Where to Start?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Setting up your very own craft room, even if you live in a small space is possible, but how do you do it? I live in a small apartment and I never thought I could create a dedicated space for my sewing projects and other hobbies up until I asked myself one simple question; why can't I?

We do not all have the luxury of living in a home with an adjacent garage, an extra room or even a basement. If you do that's wonderful, however, if you don't does that mean you should let small space living keep you from having your very own creative space?

I decided I would not let it stop me and that decision inspired me to create short posts each week that share various design tips on how to create your very own craft room for small space living. I figure if I believed it not to be possible then surely there are others who are of the same opinion. I hope that by sharing my story and relating how I put into practice each of these tips, that it will inspire you to transform the smallest of nooks in your home into a life size inspirational board for all the creative projects stored safely away in your imagination and just waiting to come alive!

The first tip, as I shared it via my instagram account, is a simple one. Start by just admiring and observing your space. Look around and take note of one or even two possible areas that could use a creative makeover!

Look around and take note of one or even two possible areas that could use a creative makeover and become your next craft room!

Tip no.2 is my favorite; now that you’ve identified possible areas that could use a design makeover it’s time too nourish your creativity & dream big !! We all face restrictions when it comes to decorating; be it financial ones, availability of materials or space. Today’s tip is a reminder to focus; put the various restrictions delaying your project on the back burner for now and really take the time to enjoy the process!

Dream big and focus your attention on the different possibilities the space can give you. Let yourself imagine what you would want your creative space, craft room or sewing room to look like and what it needs to include! The moment has come to dust off that sketchbook you’ve been saving for something special and get drawing!

Nourish your creativity as well by looking back at the different inspiration board ideas saved in your Pinterest account, or in the design magazines you’ve been keeping all these years!!

Nourish your creativity and dream big!

Tip no. 3 coming next week and as always thank you so much for reading !!



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