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How To Design Your Next Craft Room Project?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing interior decorating tips, on how to design the craft room of your dreams, whether you live in a small space or not!

My goal is simple. I hope that by sharing my story and relating how I put into practice each of these how to tips, that it will inspire you to transform the smallest of spaces in your home into a life size inspirational design board. A place for all the creative projects stored safely away in your imagination to come alive! Your very own craft room is just a stone's throw away...

Want to go back to the beginning and read my first two design tips, click here !

In our last post we left off with the importance of nourishing your creativity, taking the time to dream big and really imagine the possibilities you could create in the space you have.

Now the time has come to roll up your sleeves and start transforming your big ideas into a realistic one that you can make happen without breaking the bank. Take your sketches, open your tablet with all the different Pinterest boards you have created or your favorite design magazine clippings, and start by spreading them out in front of you - on the floor or on a table. This step is crucial because it will help you in two ways. First, it will keep you motivated through the next steps and secondly it will help you visualise the space you actually have and what you dream of transforming it into.

I have said it before, we all face restrictions when it comes to decorating; be it financial ones, availability of materials or space. The key is not to let these design constraints discourage you from reaching your craft room goals and moving forward with your project! To succeed you need not avoid them but rather run (figuratively of course 😊) straight towards them! Transforming your ideas into a realistic project is a process, and I have created a one page planner that can Guide you to Designing the Craft Room of your Dreams ! Think of it as your step by step guide that will help you focus on what you can do with what you have rather than what you can’t ... and learn to transform your dreams into actual attainable goals.

My next tip will be coming soon! In the meantime, if you've enjoyed this post and would like to receive any future posts straight to your inbox then click the subscribe button just above. As a thank you you will get instant free access to the planner I have created, your Guide to Designing the Craft Room of your Dreams! All you need to do is Just print and start filling in the blanks ... and you are well on your way to planning your next interior decorating project!

Enjoy !!


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