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Free Project Planner Printable + Workbook

What does project management have to do with design, DIY projects, maker projects and creativity? It's simple! At the heart of the matter everything is a project, whether we are redecorating, making something, developing a creative workshop or launching a product. And where there is a project, there needs to be some sort of organising and management skills to help you get to the finishing line.

I have been managing projects and developing programs for what seems like forever, and I just love it! With project management comes the experience of creating an action plan. Throughout the years, I have learned how to implement useful project management tools and quick organising tips to not only successfully, but mostly efficiently, implement several projects at the same time. You guessed it, yes I am an organiser at heart. However, as a creative, I know firsthand what it’s like working on one thing with a thousand other projects cooking away on the back burner. Being a creative, I find, has a balancing effect but also a contradicting one on my organizing skills and that is probably why I am constantly working on developing project management tools to help keep me on track!

What I have learned throughout the years is the importance of :

• Learning to focus my attention on specific tasks so as to stay on track and not get sidetracked,

• and the importance of finding the method that works to help me stay organised, even with several projects in the works. A method that enables me to be flexible and adaptable to my tasks and deadlines. A method that enables me to organise my time efficiently, giving me the ability to switch from one project to another and leave me feeling as if I am managing my projects rather than the other way around!

The first thing I love to do is take the time to organise my work. I create an action plan for each of my projects, accessible on my computer and electronic devices. But having different action plans spread out on my desk doesn't necessarily help me see the big picture of what I am working on. Therefore, the one thing that has always helped me visualise everything is to list each of my projects and their specific to-do tasks on paper. Back in the day when I had an office, I loved using a whiteboard to create a project diagram for each one of my projects. I would still do this today but working from home, and in a small space, means a whiteboard is out of the question.

6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Planning Your Next Interior Design Project:

  1. Define your redesign dream by asking yourself, "what do I really wish my space looked like?"

  2. List your possible design constraints; ask yourself, "what is holding me back from achieving my dream space?"

  3. Reflect on why you consider each item as a roadblock and then highlight only the ones on your list you believe you can work with.

  4. Focus on the highlighted sections of your list and ask yourself, "what can I do to work around or address that specific roadblock?"

  5. Write down your answer to question 4 in a section you can identify as your Project Design Goal. Be sure to word it as a realistic goal that focuses on the design constraints you can work with, that is the ones you've highlighted.

  6. Now that you have a realistic goal ask yourself, "what do I need to do to reach my project goals?" Break your answers down into steps and list them one by one. Every step needs a deadline, so don't forget to write one for each of your tasks.

To help you get started, I have created a project planner printable completely free! It includes a quick checklist of the steps I outlined in today's post, just like having your very own design coach walking by your side each step of the way. On page 2, I have created a one-page project planner workbook. A place to write your answers from the questions in the checklist. Answer each question and watch your project come together!

I hope this document inspires you and helps you in your creative journey, that is planning

your next design project. To download the printable project planner, click the image or simply scroll down to the link just below this post and sign up:

I would love to hear your comments on how you use the planner printable and what you love about it? Leave me a comment below, or if you prefer Instagram, send me a DM ! I'd love to hear from you and how you are using this project management tool!

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